Our Mission

We are building Reselo to enable sustainable living by replacing fossil-derived materials with renewable alternatives.

Henrik Otendal

Henrik believes that nothing is impossible and that some solutions are just more obvious than others. He love to drive for the momentum and keep things on a high level as this is  key to make progress. His strategy is “take the decisions and get going…you can always correct on the way but you cannot make up for lost time…”.


Josefin Larsson
Chief Product Officer

“What’s the next step” is a oftenused expression by Josefin. Moving forward is important to her and she combines the best of two worlds by exploring the full potential of technical solutions in a commercial product. Being a chemical engineer, she is always happy to draw parallels between molecules and product, process and business. She believes that minor changes, if they are vital enough, will have a huge impact on the bigger picture.


Thomas Baumgarten

Thomas studied biochemistry to understand how life works on a molecular level. At KTH, he used this knowledge to create Reselo Rubber from birch bark. Encouraged by his research progress, he decided to take on the challenge to develop novel biomaterials from sustainable feedstocks. Nowadays, it always lifts his mood when he sees a birch tree.




Reselos business has sustainability at its core. We want to make a difference and facilitate building a strong bio-economy and this goal is aligned with several UN SDGs: