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About Us

Our Story

Reselo is s Swedish renewable innovation company.

Our combined background of science, materials, and business with our devotion to make the world a better place or future generations is the basis for Reselo’s mission:

Using sustainable chemistry to replace existing materials with true and green biomaterials.

Sustainable development goals

There are multiple rationales for Reselo’s mission:

– Goal 9: Reselo drives the innovation for new true biomaterials!
– Goal 12: True biomaterials drives circular consumption and provides a more responsible production.
– Goal 13: Biomaterials decrease the ecological footprint and emissions.
– Goal 14: Recycling and using benign solvents that are biodegradable decrease the impact on life below water.
– Goal 15: Biomaterials, when produced from abundant residues, increase biodiversity in comparison to existing alternatives.


Become a frontrunner

Seize the opportunity to lead your industry towards making environmentally friendly material choices.


Tailor-made solutions

We engineer the product to your specific requirements and existing conditions to allow a smooth transition to true biomaterials.


Go green

Give your customers a chance to choose a product on the market that decreases their carbon footprint and contributes saving our planet.