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Join the rubber revolution!

Hi early-stage investor!

Reselo is on a mission to build a sustainable bioeconomy, starting with creating a fossil-free rubber industry! Join this rubber revolution!


Our strengths are:

  • a committed, multidisciplinary team with a great track record within their field of expertise
  • an innovative, proprietary technology that is scalable and cost effective
  • proven market demand from globally operating customers

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As producer of sustainable rubber from forest biomass, we are always eager to discuss collaborations within the rubber and forestry industry.


So if you are working with rubber compounding or are a producer of rubber containing goods who is interested in more sustainable alternatives to today’s fossil-derived materials, please get in touch with us. We can provide a fossil-free elastomer!


If your business is part of the forestry industry generating birch bark and other side streams, we are happy to discuss how we can help you to up-value these residues to increase your revenue and help building a sustainable bioeconomy.


We are incredibly grateful for all the support we received from incubator programs, public funding and private entities. Their commitment allows us to continue our mission to transform todays fossil-centred industry into a sustainable bioeconomy.