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Biorefinery – Sustainable Materials from Forest Biomass

Today many materials, like plastics and rubbers, are produced from fossil resources like oil or natural gas. These sources are not renewable, hence not sustainable in the long-term.

To transition from the established, fossil-centered industry to a sustainable bio-economy, we need to develop new processes and new materials to replace the currently used ones.

The biorefinery concept aims at valorizing complex biomass by separating it into components that are then used to produce materials or generate energy. At Reselo, we use a biorefinery approach to isolate raw Reselo Rubber from birch bark, an abundant residue of the global pulp, paper and plywood industry. For us its important that our process is based on benign solvents and relatively mild reaction conditions to minimize our environmental impact.

Performance is key – for your Product

With its high flexibility, hydrophobic character and resilience to aggressive conditions, Reselo Rubber is a real alternative to petrol-derived rubbers.

Good dampening properties has been observed as well, making our material in particular suitable for shock and vibration absorbing applications. Reselo Rubber is more sustainable, has a lower carbon footprint and does not contain any PAHs, PCBs or heavy metals. We can also engineer the material to adjust its properties to fit your application.

So far, we are focusing on collaborations within consumer good applications like footwear, protective gear and toys, but we are always open to discuss how Reselo Rubber can contribute to make your product more sustainable.

Manufacture like you are used to

Reselo Rubber can be supplied as a raw material or as cured polymer.

Raw Reselo Rubber can be processed using standard melt processes. This makes it possible to easily mix our material with your favourite additives and other polymers. Moreover, melting our material before curing also allows you to create any product shape you want.

On the other hand, pre-cured Reselo Rubber can be used as soft in-fill material. This approach simplifies recipe development and can be used to quickly assess if our material works in your product. Notably, Reselo Rubbers thermal stability and chemical resilience allows you to cure your Reselo Rubber containing products at conditions of your choice.

This makes it also easy and low risk to test Reselo Rubber in your production process to manufacture your favourite product using a more sustainable material.

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