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Performance is Key – for your Products

Today, most, if not all rubber-based products are composites which means that the products are made of one or several polymers that have been mixed together with different additives and filling agents. Using such mixtures has two main reasons: (i) to facilitate and control the chemical reaction between the rubber molecules to form a network and (ii) to alter the performance of the product to fit the requirements for its specific application. However, the associated recipe development can be rather complex since one can choose from a wide range of rubber polymers and combine them with a variety of additive in different amounts. It is noteworthy that many recipes have been developed and fine-tuned over decades for any given product that is on the market today.

With Reselo Rubber we have developed a new material with a different set of properties compared to existing fossil-derived rubber polymers. Our material is soft, highly flexible, shows good dampening and is thermostable up to more than 200°C. Moreover, Reselo Rubber is resilient towards low and high pH conditions as well as insoluble in several common organic solvents.

To tune our material for your application, we can also engineer its properties by taking advantage of the knowledge that has been build up in the rubber industry over the past decades and first results show that we can control the for example the hardness of our material through the use of additives. Importantly, using a new biomaterial that is produced from a renewable resource opens up the possibility to develop completely sustainable rubber products by exploiting compounding of Reselo Rubber with other biomaterials. Using this approach, we can create a range of materials with a high likelihood to fit many applications.