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Carbon footprint

Replacing traditional rubber materials with Reselo Rubber can reduce the carbon footprint significantly!

The IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has performed a climate impact assessment of Reselo Rubber and made a general comparison to the most common rubbers on the market.

On average, the emissions can be cut in half!

Safe and free from hazardous components

Reselo Rubber is free from the harmful chemical compounds PAH, PCB and heavy metals!

PAH and PCB are groups of chemical compounds which can be carcinogenic, harmful to reproductive organs or environmental toxins. The negative impact of heavy metals, such as arsenic and cadmium,  on biological systems can be severe.

An independent test lab have concluded that Reselo Rubber is free from both PAH and PCB as well as >90% of tested metals and harmful chemical elements.

Case study: Reselo Rubber vs SBR

Replacing rubber in sport equipment with Reselo™ rubber leads to drastic CO2 reduction!

Sport equipment manufacturer consuming 3 500 ton of fossil based rubber saves annually 11 700 ton of CO2.

This would allow 27 000 barrels of oil to stay in the ground and instead these emissions could be used to charge over 1,4 billion smart phones.

Case study: Reselo Rubber vs natural rubber

Replacing rubber in shoe production with Reselo Rubber leads to saving the rainforest!

Shoe manufacturer consuming 4 500 ton of latex (natural rubber), annually producing 30 million pair of shoes would save 1 800 hectare of rainforest or food production areal.

The land area equals to the size of 27 000 tennis courts, saved from destruction and loss in bio diversity.

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